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Gabe in tuxedos

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My Free!Spleesh splash swimming boys charms are now up for sale on storenvy although I still have to wait several more days before my shipping supplies arrive before I can ship them out. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Preorders are open for my Haikyuu charms and will end September 15th. I’ll start mailing the charms out around the end of September/beginning of October as soon as they arrive to me.

῍̻̩✧(´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)˖῍̻̩ I only have a few Kageyama and Nishinoya/Tanaka charms left over so I’ll be able to send those out sooner than the preorder charms!


Edit: I also made a mistake when listing the charms (since I wasn’t paying attention when I copied and pasted the info OTL;;;) but the clear charms are $8 and the white charms are $6.

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rubberduck4lunch sent: Hey! I was just thinking about how I asked you about the sexy Fire Emblem fanarts and your reply. When you finish them, are you going to sell them as prints or possibly body pillows?? Also I'm pretty sure I meet you at Anime Next - you gave me a free Marco pin and I bought matching Jean and we talked for awhile. If I'm right, sorry I didn't realize it was you sooner! I hope you're doing well either way!

(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* ahhh yes hello! I remember talking to you and giving you the pin, it was nice talking to you!

Yesssssss I will definitely have them as prints, I just need to get off my lazy ass and finish the last few ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM PILLOWS are a really tempting idea….especially since I’ve already made pillows for Erwin and Levi before….. posiibbblllyyyyyyyyy I mightttt do pre-orders if I draw them big enough hahahha!!! (രᴗര๑)!!!

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I haven’t drawn anything in a while and this is all I have to show for my absence.

I haven’t drawn anything in a while and this is all I have to show for my absence.

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shoulderkeyroyalty sent: Do you have somewhere else you sell your prints/keychain things? I see you sell at cons but none are in my state ╰(*°▽°*)╯and I'm super interested cause damn that's some cool shit you got~

Hi! wahhhhhhh thank you (´∇ノ`*)ノ!!!!!

Yes, I have a storenvy where I sell my prints, buttons and charms! Sometimes after a con I’m a bit slow at updating but they usually eventually all end up there.


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See You in the Country

I’m really obsessed with Transistor right now. Please excuse me as I go back to crying over this beautiful game.

Print available at my online shop:

~Zetallis Shop~

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One sided Free! Eternal Summer acrylic charms will be available on my storenvy hopefully sometime tonight… (GDI I made these before I new about Kisumi QoQ;;;;;;)

I just need to make sure I have enough shipping supplies to mail them out safely for everyone first haha.

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I didn’t expect my clear double-sided Haikyuu charms to sell out at Otakon oops… But I’ll have preorders for new ones up soon!

*NOTE: straps/stars attached may look different because I had to order new ones.

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EVA LOG | 零@ブレ厨

EVA LOG | 零@ブレ厨

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I’ve finally finished it!;_; I guess I just needed an excuse to draw a bunch of shirtless teenagers.

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collab btwn rynn and me, i inked/blocked in her GORGEOUS PANELS!!!!! there will be a second part if i finish but after that we are prob too tired to continue the rest of bad end au LMAO, u can take my word for it that it gets very melodramatic because thats our fav. BLESS U FOR SKETCHING OUT THIS MANY PANELS OF MY MU IN THE FIRST PLACE AH……… o(-<

in one piece

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DaiSuga Week: Day 2 [Crossover- Pacific Rim]

Daichi and Suga are so drift compatible I want to cry. They’re practically ghost drifting in canon.

Speaking of which!! A lot of what went into this came from an awesome Haikyuu x Pacific Rim AU fic but for me, there is a storm. Please check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s excellent.

Please full-view these!!